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Internal regulations

Our house and community
Our Students' Hostel is for female students, offering to those who share our values:
a quiet but not a sad place, in a lively but not a noisy environment; or rather full of those noises accompanying a time which prepares to real life.
Our Students' Hostel is the ideal setting for a place based on commitment and the necessary social involvement to live a happy life.
There are some rules to follow, which everybody knows from childhood, and precisely: respect, politeness and honesty.

Request of admission and acceptance
Our Students' Hostel welcomes everybody who accepts our rules.
You are required to print and fill out our admission form, after providing our management with the following papers:
- a printed out and completed copy of our admission form
- a copy of your identity card
- a copy of your health insurance policy
- a certificate of attendance of university or any other institution you are attending.
You are also required to pay a deposit corresponding to one month rent.

Request of successive admission
You can also stay longer if our management accepts your request of admission for the following year, by providing:
- printed out and completed copy of our admission form
- a certificate of attendance of university or any other institution you are attending.
You are also required to pay a deposit corresponding to one month rent.

In the monthly rent for a single room is included the breakfast. The sum shall be paid within the 10th of each month.
Electricity and water bill as well as the use of internet and of the common rooms are included in the monthly rent.
From November to March you are required to pay an extra charge, due to heating expenses.
You are usually required to stay from September to July, although a different agreement is possible.
After the acceptance of your admission, the agreement on the duration of your stay cannot be modified, otherwise the deposit paid at the beginning serves as reimbursement, except in case of serious and justifiable reasons that are assessed by the Direction of our Students' Hostel.
In case of your absences during the agreed period of you stay, the monthly rent will not be lowered or refunded.
You can also stay for shorter periods previous agreement with the management, depending on room availability. In this case you will be charged for each night of your stay, in a single room, breakfast included. The prices of the monthly and daily rent are communicated, on request, to people interested.

What we offer
- Our Students' Hostel has two shared kitchen rooms. Cleaning and keeping common rooms tidy is strongly recommended out of respect for the other guests.
- There are two living rooms with Tv set and video as well as Dvd recorder.
- There is a car park. The management declines any responsibility concerning cars or any other means of transport parked in the hostel’s car park. Bicycles can also be hired on request. Who uses a bicycle is also responsible for it.
- Breakfast is served from 6.30 to 9.30 am in the hostel cafeteria.
- One of the few things we require is respect. All our guests shall be charged for any damage occurring to any object in the common rooms, although the Direction trusts in everybody’s sense of respect.

Your room
- Your room is a place for studying and rest. Therefore other people are not allowed to stay. There are common rooms for your guests and you are not allowed to smoke in your room and in the common rooms of our Students' Hostel.
- Cookers, electric ovens, refrigerators or similar appliances are not allowed (see title 406 of 18.07.1980 and 7 on fire safety). Eventual damage will be addebted in full provided that it has been done deliberately, in which case legal proceedings will proceed.
- We recommend you to keep the volume of your televisions or any other audio-visual appliances low.
- You shall bring along your own bed linen and personal belongings.
- The cleaning of your room is your own responsibility, our management trusts in your common sense and respect.
- You will be charged for the repair of the things you damaged.
- As far as concerns ordinary maintenance and repair our management reserves the right to enter the rooms.
- Before leaving it is recommended to leave your room key at the reception and to indicate on the register provided how long you are staying out.

For a proper use of the common rooms we require responsibility and collaboration for a serene living together.

Staying at our Students' Hostel
Studying may not always be easy, also may be living in a different place from home. We make it easier by providing a healthy place, promoting social and cultural exchange. A place where getting in touch with people may also mean making friends and where serenity and the necessary involvement to become adult people go together. We close at 11 pm. although our guests are allowed to come later by giving notice to the Direction.
This is what our Students' Hostel provides you, wishing you a good start and a happy fulfilment of your life.

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